Reuse common game objects with Nested Prefabs in Unity2018-11-25T04:14:08+00:00

Reuse and combine common game objects

Reuse common game objects or parts that share similar data, and combine them to create more complex objects

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Create reusable game objects (prefabs)


Reuse game objects throughout your project, combine them, and make variations


Share common data between objects and keep all instances updated with the same changes


Create game objects that can be reused

Commonly used game objects or groups of game objects can be saved as a prefab and then these ready-made prefabs can be used throughout your project.

This is useful for game objects that are used often, such as weapons, bullets, doors, windows, characters, props, etc.


Combine game objects and create variants

Build your game by reusing game objects throughout your project.

Combine common game objects to create more complex prefabs.

Create variations of existing game objects.


Share data between game objects

All reused game objects in the project share their data. Change one instance, and all others in your project update automatically.

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