• Migrating project to Unity’s nested prefabs in 2018.3 is now fully supported and is no longer a beta feature.
  • Fixed MissingMethodException when converting project.
  • Project converter no longer triggers while compiling.
  • Fixed rare NullReferenceException when applying changes.


  • Preview Feature: project can now be converted to Unity’s nested prefabs
  • Fixed ArgumentException ‘Not implemented on OSX’ when opening licensing or update window
  • Fixed ‘enum index out of range’ error when modifying an enum in script and then applying changes to a prefab containing a property override for that enum
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Unity 2018.3 beta
  • Fixed MissingMethodExceptions in Unity 2018.3 beta
  • Fixed missing icon in Unity 2018.3 beta


  • Fixed compatibility issues with Unity 2018.2
  • Fixed compatibility issues with certain versions of ProBuilder
  • Fixed issue where update button was not visible in Package Manager
  • Fixed issue where license popup would show for no reason
  • Fixed exception that was thrown when upgrading prefabs from a previous version of Nested Prefabs, if that prefab contained missing scripts


  • ProBuilder objects now apply correctly.
  • Reduced apply time of ProBuilder objects.
  • It is now possible to ignore certain folders or patterns. This will exclude those prefabs from being processed by the plugin.
  • Added a ‘Check for Updates’ menu item.
  • Added a ‘License Manager’ menu item.
  • Fixed issue with saving HideFlags.
  • Fixed issue where prefabs would not be marked as dirty if only internal properties changed.
  • Fixed issue where an uninstall would be triggered if an asset with NestedPrefabs in the name was deleted.
  • Fixed exception when creating a bug report from an exception that occurred on a different thread than the main thread.
  • Internal components no longer have the NotEditable HideFlag.
  • The icon for nested models now loads correctly in Unity 2018.2.


  • Reverting a prefab override when removing it no longer throws an exception for GameObject properties.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in ‘CacheDrivenProperties’ when applying changes to a prefab in a Unity version that does not support driven properties.
  • Prefabs with prefab overrides no longer cause Unity to reimport the prefab if there are no changes.
  • Basic GetPrefab methods are moved to NestedPrefabUtility class and are now accessible publicly.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in prefab overrides inspector.
  • Fixed InvalidCastException in ‘ComponentIndexOf’ when reverting properties of a GameObject.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when checking a prefab for modifications.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in prefab overrides processor when applying changes to a prefab and a prefab override is missing.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when applying changes to a prefab when the original asset is not processed.
  • Fixed some more exceptions and improved error reporting.


  • Fixed issue where modified properties would be reverted instead of applied when using Apply options in the context menu.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in hierarchy window.
  • Fixed ‘Type not found exception’ when processing the project for a build.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when applying changes to a prefab.
  • Fixed error when checking for updates on editor startup.


  • The source code is now available on Bitbucket.
  • Prefab Overrides now work correctly if there are multiple components of the same type on an object.
  • Assemblies are now separated to allow for custom code and easier updating.
  • Removing a prefab override now shows a dialog to make it possible to revert the property value.
  • The NestedPrefabs class is now public to allow access to the prefab database.
  • Fixed exception when overriding a gradient value.
  • Fixed issue with RectTransform where it would be marked as modified when no properties were changed.
  • Fixed issue with RectTransform where properties driven by a parent would be applied.
  • Improved performance of Prefab Overrides.
  • Improved serialization of Prefab Overrides to allow for more flexibility for future updates.
  • Refactored internal code for easier readability and extensibility.
  • Fixed issue where object references to prefab asset would show a warning.
  • Fixed issue where object references would point to the wrong component if there are multiple components of the same type on an object.
  • Fixed numerous small issues and made numerous internal changes for more flexibility and better performance.


  • Fixed issue where nested models were not automatically reloaded after reimporting the original asset.
  • Fixed issue where the toggle of a prefab override was not clickable in the inspector.
  • Nested Prefabs no longer reinstalls if the project location is changed.
  • Prefab cache is now stored on disk and has improved loading times for very large projects.
  • Fixed an internal issue where editor startup was not recognized.
  • Fixed “System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded.” exception.


  • Fixed ‘Failed to copy component’ error when trying to replace UI elements.
  • Fixed occasional NullReferenceException when applying changes to a prefab.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when using Odin Inspector and Serializer.
  • Fixed ‘invalid object reference’ warning when using Odin’s serializer in nested prefabs.
  • Name of a nested prefab root object can no longer be overridden (it is already overridden by default).
  • Transform of a nested prefab is no longer reset when moving the nested prefab out of its parent’s hierarchy.
  • Renamed ‘Recursive Reference’ to ‘Circular Reference’.
  • Prefabs can no longer be applied through the context-menu if the root prefab is disconnected.
  • Added warning before preprocessing a build when the user has no write access to the project folder to prevent exceptions.


  • Improved performance when applying changes to a prefab.
  • Fixed some issues in uninstaller and build processor where not all components would be removed.
  • Improved performance of build processor.
  • Prefab Override values are now updated automatically during apply if the target property value was changed.
  • Improved performance of Prefab Overrides inspector.
  • “Add Override” pop up in Prefab Overrides inspector now has a second tab with a list of all modified properties.
  • Fixed issue where the plugin would check for updates twice at editor startup in Unity 2017.
  • Removed legacy code.
  • Fixed issue where HideFlags of internal components would be modified for no reason causing a prefab to be marked as modified in version control.
  • Prefab Overrides with a missing target are now removed when applying changes to a prefab.
  • Removing the target of a prefab override while the prefab overrides inspector is open no longer causes errors.
  • Added Help menu item to context menu.
  • Layer and Tag are no longer reset on model prefabs when reloading the model.
  • Added support for overriding lightmap properties.
  • Static Flags are now handled correctly for model prefabs.
  • Fixed “Could not find method Texture2D.LoadImage” exception in Unity 2017.


  • Improved handling of object references.
  • Fixed crash when a child was added and a transform value was changed at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where nested prefabs would not be saved correctly if the root prefab is saved as a new asset.
  • “Revert to Prefab” option for nested model prefabs now correctly reverts modified properties of objects that are not part of the original model.
  • Build processor now creates a full backup of each prefab and no longer marks prefabs as “modified” when using version control.
  • Fixed occasional exceptions when restoring nested prefab data after building.
  • Added warning messages for invalid object references.
  • Added support for overriding: Sorting Order and Sorting Layer of SpriteRenderer, Enabled of components and IsActive of game objects.
  • Prefab Overrides for tags and layers now shows dropdown list instead of string/int field.


  • Improved performance of applying prefabs.
  • Renamed items in context menu of model prefabs to be more consistent with the actual action it does.
  • Prefab icons are now visible when searching in the hierarchy window.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Revert All’ would not work if the prefab is disconnected.
  • Prefab Overrides are now restored correctly when the original prefab is replaced from an external UnityPackage if the prefab contains multiple children with the same name.
  • Fixed issue where HideFlags of internal components were not saved consistently resulting in prefabs marked as modified when using version control even though no changes were made to the prefab.
  • CustomProcessors can now be defined for specific components instead of an entire prefab.
  • Fixed prefab path shown in tooltip of prefab icon in hierarchy window.
  • Fixed exception when overriding an enum property using Prefab Overrides.
  • Fixed issue where objects kept the NotEditable flag when moved outside of a nested model prefab.
  • Fixed internal issue where the root of a prefab could not always be found.
  • Fixed some internal bugs and exceptions.


  • Models can now be nested and modified like prefabs.
  • Prefab database cache is no longer cleared after compiling or entering play-mode.
  • Order of components is now applied to nested prefabs.
  • Components with RequireComponent attribute are now added after the required component.
  • Added a Build Mode warning in the scene view when the extension is in build mode.
  • Caching prefab database now shows a progress bar if it takes longer than two seconds.
  • Created NestedPrefabsPreferences script to modify preferences.
  • Renamed menu items in the context menu when right-clicking on a prefab icon.
  • Fixed issue where object references to scene objects would be reset when applying changes to a prefab.
  • Fixed issue where reparenting a prefab child would not be recognized as a modified hierarchy.
  • Disconnected prefabs now show correct tooltip on prefab icon.
  • Fixed label color in Add Override pop-up for pro skin.
  • Fixed issue where cached prefab database was incorrect after exiting build mode.
  • Fixed issue where breaking a prefab connection would remove prefab overrides.
  • Fixed issue where breaking a prefab connection and nesting the result would not work.
  • Fixed issue where a prefab would not be linked to the correct asset after saving it as a new prefab.
  • Improved checking for updates.
  • Bug report shown for unhandled exceptions now includes the version number.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException after closing inspector with Prefab Overrides component.
  • Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException when applying changes.
  • Fixed ArgumentNullException when removing a component.
  • Increased performance of applying string values.
  • Improved internal handling of recursive prefab connections.


  •  Internal nested prefab components are now completely removed from a build.
  • Internal nested prefab components no longer give a warning in a build.
  • Overridden properties can now be saved in a (nested) prefab.
  • Improved caching of nested prefab connections.
  • ‘IsActive’ state of a nested prefab is now saved in the parent prefab instead of loaded from the original prefab.


  • Fixed issue where creating a recursive nested prefab connection would not be prevented.
  • Fixed issue where breaking a prefab connection would not work if the parent prefab already had a broken prefab connection.
  • Components on new children are now added after the new object is added to the prefab hierarchy when applying changes.
  • Fixed issue where relative object reference would be incorrect on newly added components.
  • Fixed issue where relative object reference would be incorrect in array elements when a new element is added to a custom serialized class array.
  • Fixed issue where relative object reference would be incorrect when referencing to a nested prefab deeper in the hierarchy if there are multiple copies of the same nested prefab in the hierarchy.


  • Fixed exception(s) and unwanted behavior when modifying prefabs in playmode.
  • Improved internal caching and comparing of arrays for a better performance.


  • Added support for multiple components of the same type.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException when there is a missing script in a prefab.
  • Fixed nested prefab icon color when the changes are not yet applied to the parent prefab.
  • Improved internal error handling.
  • If Unity by some chance changes the GUID of the NestedPrefabs.dll file, the GUID will now revert automatically to prevent missing script references.
  • Fixed issue where relative object reference would be incorrect.
  • Float and Vector values of Infinity are now applied correctly.
  • Fixed issue where certain complex serialized properties would always be copied entirely, even if nothing changed.
  • Improved performance when applying changes to a nested prefab with the regular Unity Apply button.


  • Added menu option to break the connection with the original prefab.
  • Fixed issue where editing multiple nested prefabs at a different depth would not apply the correct changes.
  • Fixed exception when deleting a prefab asset.
  • Fixed issue where creating new nested prefabs at a different depth wouldn’t work when all changes were applied at once.
  • It is now possible to apply/revert changes locally on a prefab root.


  • Added option to Apply and Revert changes without Applying or Reverting any parents or children.
  • Fixed issue where prefab override properties would not be reset when applying changes to a prefab.
  • Applying changes to a prefab with multiple Nested Prefabs now works correctly.
  • RectTransform is now handled properly.


  • Initial release.