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Remove repetitive tasks
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Nested Prefabs, the most requested feature for Unity, helps you improve your workflow by reusing common objects throughout your project

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Experience the power of nesting

Nested Prefabs for Unity allows you to nest prefabs inside each other without losing the connection to the original prefab.

Changes made to the original prefab asset will automatically apply to all nested prefabs in your project. Likewise, changes made to any nested prefab will be applied to the original prefab asset.

Watch our introduction

Learn how to create and edit nested prefabs. We will show you how to build a UI dialog with a text field and buttons.

After creating the dialog you can see how nested prefabs will make it easier to modify prefabs in your project.

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With years of experience and over 11,000 users, our Nested Prefabs is the most stable solution there is

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Override Properties

Override properties to create variations for each nested prefab.

These properties are not applied to the original prefab and are unique to the nested prefab.

Directly nest models in prefabs.
Nested models will automatically reload when the original model asset is changed.

Modifications can be made to each nested model, such as adding components, game objects, or modifying properties.

Apply changes to a single nested prefab in the hierarchy, or to all of them.

Right-click on a prefab icon to apply or revert individual nested prefabs without influencing any other nested prefabs in the hierarchy.

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