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Remove repetitive tasks
and ship your games faster

Nested Prefabs, the most requested feature for Unity, helps you speed up development
by reusing common objects throughout your project

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Experience the power of nesting

With Nested Prefabs, you can maintain prefab connections, even if you place a prefab inside another prefab. This is called nesting.

Changes made to a prefab will automatically apply to all nested prefabs in your project. Likewise, changes made to any nested prefab will be applied back to the original prefab.

Works with all Unity versions

No matter what Unity version you are working in. You can always rely on Nested Prefabs

5.0    5.1    5.2    5.3    5.4    5.5    5.6

2017.1    2017.2    2017.3    2017.4 LTS

2018.1    2018.2

Compatible with Unity’s nested prefabs in 2018.3

Migrate your project to Unity’s own nested prefabs in Unity 2018.3 once their solution is stable and you are ready. All your prefabs, data, and references will be moved over automatically. Even the workflow is the same.

Perfect for all use cases

Take a look at how Nested Prefabs can help with your workflow:

Reuse common objects

Reuse common game objects, and combine them to create more complex prefabs. Change one instance, and all others in your project update automatically.

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Iterate on 3D art

Reimport your 3d models and automatically update existing instances in prefabs, without losing any modifications.

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Build a consistent UI

Reuse UI elements throughout your project and have all of them automatically updated with changes.

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Amazing Tool

What an amazing tool. Improves workflow and saves lots of time”

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Infinitely valuable

“Having the ability to structure complex prefabs using nested prefabs will save me from hundreds of hours of pain and suffering”

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“Should be part of Unity”

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