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Nested Prefabs

Nested Prefabs

Experience the power of nesting prefabs.

Nested Prefabs for Unity allows you to nest prefabs inside each other without losing the connection to the original prefab.

All nested prefabs can be duplicated as often as required and prefab hierarchies do not have any depth limit.

Changes made to the original prefab asset will automatically apply to all nested prefabs in your project.

Likewise, changes made to any nested prefab will be applied to the original prefab asset.

Editing of multiple nested prefabs at the same time is fully supported.

Completely Automatic and Fully Integrated

Simply drag prefabs in the hierarchy to create nested prefabs automatically. Edit any prefab or nested prefab and click the regular Unity Apply button. All nested prefabs in the project will automatically update with your changes.


Override properties

Override properties to create permanent variations for each nested prefab.

These properties are not applied to the original prefab and are unique to the nested prefab.

Override Properties

Override properties to create permanent variations for each nested prefab.

These properties are not applied to the original prefab and are unique to the nested prefab.

Serializes Anything

Every serialized property in Unity is supported, including complex custom serialized classes.

All object references are kept intact: relative references, scene references, and asset references.

Nest Models

Directly nest models in prefabs. Nested models will automatically reload when the original model asset is changed.

Modifications can be made to each nested model, such as adding components, game objects, or modifying properties.

Stability is everything

We take stability seriously. Every change is tested by over 300 automatic unit tests, you can be assured to have the most stable tool available.

  • Add Child

  • Add Component

  • Add Component on child

  • Add Nested Prefab

  • Add Sub Child

  • Destroy Prefab Asset

  • Duplicate Child

  • Duplicate Component

  • Duplicate Nested Prefab

  • Apply Missing Script Component

  • Modify Array Property

  • Add Element to Array

  • Modify reference to asset

  • Modify Property

  • Modify Relative Object Reference

  • Modify Relative Reference to Component

  • Modify Object Reference to Scene Object

  • Reorder Component

  • Remove Child

  • Remove Component

  • Remove Component From Child

  • Remove Element from Array

  • Remove Nested Prefab

  • Reparent Child

  • Reparent Complex Hierarchy

  • Reparent Nested Prefab

  • + 300 more…

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Great Prefab Plugin

Features : It works very easy. And powerful.
Support : The developer reply very fast and fix all of my problem.
Updates : Updates are quite often. It fixes bug and add various functions.

Gaemi_Ahn, ★★★★★

Must have!

One of the biggest drawbacks of Unity compared to other engines I’ve work with, such as Frostbite, is that it doesn’t support nested prefabs.
This assets solves this problem and therefore is a must have for all my Unity projects.
Developer is very fast to fix issues. I had a couple minor issue in a previous version but they where fixed before I even got the chance to report them.

Xefier, ★★★★★


No bugs so far, had no problems with the asset. Nested Prefabs works as expected with no glitches or errors.

NavidK0, ★★★★★

I was skeptical about buying a nested prefabs asset, but this one seems like the real deal.

I was gonna wait until I’d been using this in production for awhile to make the review, but after outstanding support in the forums, either telling me the solution or patching the problem within just a day(!), I felt the need to write this review.

This asset seems, at the moment, flawless in its execution, and has made my workflow a thousand times faster and easier. I’d heard the stories of other nested prefab assets eventually ruining projects, but I’m confident now that this asset won’t have the problem.

My confidence mainly stems from the incredible support; as mentioned above, my queries have all been solved or patched immediately.

I will note, however, that since I’ve only had this asset since release, I will be updating this review down the line with more information.

But for now, 5 stars.

matteumayo, ★★★★★


Actually works!

It handles arbitrary nesting without problems and also offers features for advanced scenarios (such as applying to the prefab hierarchy, or only to itself).

It changes the hierarchy to give a better indication of what is a prefab at what level and what’s just a normal object. It adds lines to logically connect them, really cool!

The developer fixed all the bugs I reported really quickly (even for bugs in Unity that caused trouble he added workarounds quickly).

My opinion: Get it, its a must have!
There have been many extensions over the years that tried the same but they were either extremely buggy (and later removed), or slowed the editor to a stop when working on a larger project. This one has none of those issues. Seriously a must have!

Fello123, ★★★★★