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Nature Renderer

Better vegetation rendering for your terrain. With a single click.

Nature Renderer replaces Unity’s Terrain Detail Rendering system and works with your existing data.

Use the same vegetation and keep your existing terrains. We just render it better and faster.

Familiar Tools

Use Unity’s default terrain, detail, and tree editing tools. No need to change your workflow.

Just add a single component. No additional set up required.


Add realistic and advanced wind to your grass, vegetation, and trees.


Easily change the color of your vegetation.


Align grass, vegetation, and detail objects to the terrain surface. No more clipping or floating objects.


Enable shadows for your vegetation. Can be enabled for each object individually. Single-sided, double-sided, or shadows-only.

And More:

  • GPU Instancing
  • LOD
  • Multi-Threaded
  • Fade-out vegetation in distance
  • Frustum Culling
  • Works with multiple terrains and cameras
  • And more…

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