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We are saying goodbye to SVN Tools Lite

For the past 2 years, we have seen many people using and enjoying SVN Tools Lite. Providing a free Lite version of SVN Tools has helped to get people to use version control with Unity and we are glad to see many active users every day.

However, with that many users comes a lot of time and resources spent on support and updating multiple versions of SVN Tools. Combined with the latest release of Nested Prefabs it has been difficult to keep up.

In order to help us focus our development time, we have decided to say goodbye to the Lite version and focus on a single version of SVN Tools so we can provide more frequent updates and the good support that we are proud of. Along with the deprecation of SVN Tools Lite we will also drop support for Unity 4. As the number of users using Unity 4 has been dropping steadily, it isn’t worthwhile anymore to continue developing a Unity 4 version of SVN Tools.

Of course, we want everyone to be able to continue using SVN in an easy way with Unity. Therefore, and as a thank you for everyone who has been using SVN Tools Lite for these past 2 years, the full version will be 60% off for the rest of this month to give everyone the opportunity to upgrade to the full version for a low price.

We will continue to provide support for all current users of SVN Tools Lite but we won’t be releasing any official new updates for it. Instead, we will be updating the full version, which just received some additional love and care with the latest 1.2.0 release, fixing some issues with the latest version of Unity and adding a couple of requested features.

As our first plugin, the development of SVN Tools has been quite a trip. Thank you, everyone, who has been using it for all this time and providing valuable feedback, we hope you will all continue to accompany us while we work on SVN Tool‘s future.

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