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Migrate your project to Unity 2018.3 nested prefabs

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Now that Unity 2018.3 is out of beta and supports nested prefabs, some of you who are using our Nested Prefabs want to upgrade your project to the latest version of Unity. To help you with this we have created a migration script that will convert all nested prefabs in your project to Unity’s nested prefabs.

Unity’s nested prefabs have mostly the same workflow so the converter can copy over all your data without losing anything. And you can continue your work the same way you are used to.


Migrating your project is simple and automatic. When you open your project in Unity 2018.3 a popup will appear asking you if you want to convert your project to Unity’s nested prefabs:


Just click ‘I made a backup. Go ahead’ to automatically convert your project. The process requires a few steps and the entire process can take a few minutes up to an hour, depending on the size of your project.

First, we back up all object references for your (nested) prefabs.

Then, we convert your nested prefabs and models to Unity’s format. Including overridden properties. And object references will be restored.

Finally, we check all your scenes to make sure the prefabs are converted and no data from our Nested Prefabs is left on disconnected prefab instances that were not automatically updated.

After converting all prefabs and models, our Nested Prefabs will automatically uninstall and the plugin files will be removed from your project. And you can continue nesting prefabs with Unity’s built-in nested prefabs in Unity 2018.3 and Unity 2019.

Nested Prefabs hierarchy comparison before and after migration

Missing Scripts

It is possible that you will get a warning message that you can not convert your project because there are prefabs that contain missing scripts. This is because Unity no longer supports editing prefabs that contain a component with a missing script.

Automatically removing these components is also no longer possible because Unity will crash. Therefore, the converter will print a list to the console of prefabs that contain missing scripts. You can manually remove the components with missing scripts from these prefabs, and then you can convert your project.

Unity nested prefabs

All your prefabs and nested prefabs are the same in Unity’s nested prefabs. But some of the data is located in different places. The most notable difference is the prefab overrides.

In our plugin, the overridden properties are located in the Prefab Overrides component. In Unity, however, the overridden properties are not visible in a list and are instead highlighted in the inspector with a blue line on the left side of the property (in prefab mode).¬†Furthermore, you now have to edit nested prefabs in ‘prefab mode’ instead of directly editing the nested prefab in the hierarchy.


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