Nested Prefabs source code released

February 8, 2018|

We are happy to announce that the source code for Nested Prefabs has been released and is available on Bitbucket! Now, you are able to modify the Nested Prefabs plugin to fit specific needs for your project. Over the past few months, we have received numerous requests to access the

Automatically create prefabs from models on import

October 30, 2017|

Everyone needs to use models in Unity. Though, in many cases, using a model directly in the scene is not practical. If you want to make a modification to the model then you won't be able to save that modification and you will have to manually copy that modification to

We are saying goodbye to SVN Tools Lite

August 19, 2017|

For the past 2 years, we have seen many people using and enjoying SVN Tools Lite. Providing a free Lite version of SVN Tools has helped to get people to use version control with Unity and we are glad to see many active users every day. However, with that many

Post-processing modifications to a prefab

August 18, 2017|

Sometimes it can be useful to have control over which properties are modified in a nested prefab. For example, if you require one property to always be unique for each prefab instance. You can add a Prefab Override to every single nested prefab in order to achieve this result, but