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Nature Renderer

Better vegetation rendering for your terrain in the Unity game engine. With a single click.

Better Rendering

Full Physically Based Rendering for all terrain details.

Render realistic materials with shadows, advanced effects like translucency, and powerful color correction.

Best Performance.

Millions of grass objects at 60 fps. With Nature Renderer you can render vast amounts of grass and vegetation at a high density.

Nature Renderer leverages compute shaders, instancing, and the full power of your GPU to bring you the best possible performance.


Reduce the complexity and density of objects in the distance.
Keep your triangle count low and your performance high.

Same Terrain.
Same Vegetation.
One Click.

Use the same workflow that you are used to. And keep you existing scenes.

Nature Renderer installs with one click onto your existing terrains.

All Platforms.
All Render Pipelines.

You should not have to worry about which render pipeline or platforms is supported.

Nature Renderer has one package.
For everything.

Well Integrated

No game is made with a single tool.
That is why Nature Renderer is widely compatible with other assets.

Here are just a few:

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Trusted by thousands of developers

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Beautiful Performance

“The support for this asset is out of this world. They are working so hard to make something really special here, and every single interaction I’ve had with their support staff has been outstanding.”

Simply fantastic

“The performance gain is incredible”

Wish I found it sooner

“Set up was really like it was described, and I only had to add the component for the renderer to work. There were a few more settings that I could tweak, but it already worked great without changing anything. “

“Vital for outdoor environments”

“Fantastic results and amazing support”

“Top class foliage renderer”

“This asset is just wonderful, Simple, Easy and well rounded.”

“A must have”